An online Journal

Year: 2012
Media: Website

With Muriel Issard and Ambroise Maupate. For Thierry Chancogne and Office ABC.
ombolo is a new online journal, which aims at creating links between the different archipelagos of knowledge on a little more than just graphic design, in a genuine critical form molded by its various contributors. Tombolo is geologically structured by strata. 'Flux' is the surface layer and consists of short articles and reviews. A bit deeper lies 'Meta', which is the stratum of cunning texts, essays and research material.
Then comes 'Entrevue' that will present a series of conversations with different personalities from the expanded field of graphic design. Finally, we reach the deeper stratum, 'Beauregard', where discourse finds its fuel in a substratum of selected images and film clips…

You can visit and follow the activity of the website HERE