A Speelplaats Stage

Year: 2010-2011
Size: Various
Media: Carpentry, audio dj set, event, poster, CD
Event: Speelplaats 2010/2011 and Krautrock night

This project was achieved during Speelplaats 2010/2011 (a multi-dimensional space at the Werkplaats Typografie) curated by Boris Van den Eynden and Ines Cox. The Speelplaats stage is the result of a research on the way every WT participants evoluate and experience the physical space as well as the social space inside the Werkplaats Typografie structure.
It embraces the shape of a stage and allows every visitor of the speelplaats to experience these two main aspects of (physical and social) life: Rising and falling. It also allows the user to experience another reality as it also proves that one can always fall deeper.
The ending of the building of the stage was celebrated with a Krautrock night, curated by PaulusP. In order to use and experiment every part of the brand new stage, a movie was screened ("Krautrock, the rebirth of Germany", a BBC documentary). Every partcipant then was invited to express it's own spaciality through a Dj set ("From Krautrock to Synth") and to test the stage during a sweaty attempt to rock the speelplaats out. As an archive, the poster has been folded and hosts now a CD containing the djset from this night.

Contact me if you which to receive one copy or download the entire set here.