A Photobook

Year: 2011
Size: 195*270 mm
110 pages
Edition: 40 (Self published, looking for publishers)
Author: Max Pinckers and Quinten De Bruyn (photography), with texts from Nada Chaiyajit and Hans Theys.

This book presents a serie of pictures documenting the world of transexuals in Thailand. But more than a simple social portrait, it is a view on documentary photography and manipulation of image. The book also features diposable camera pictures taken by the models. The yellow expandable flaps contains in the inside what can be described as intimate as the front of these flaps shows the different texts from contrbutors. Between intimate and public, reality and fiction, this book is nevertheless about telling stories.
It was presented for the first time during the exhibition "RE:Tilt" at the Flamish cultural center "De Brakke Grond" in Amsterdam in May 2011.